I’m Not So Sure 

That’s ok. I was once unsure, too. And honestly, thats how I know how to help you :) I would say, for the longest time- my biggest block was my inability to BELIEVE in myself, my work, my magic, and my manifestations. I wasn’t achieving the “success” I wanted because I didn’t believe it was possible. But then… it all shifted.

Here’s how.

I began doing affirmation work every single night before bed. I began listening to affirmations most mornings upon waking. You can choose affirmations that pertain to the specific area you are working on the most- but starting with self belief and self confidence feels like the best thing to suggest collectively. So, here’s a YouTube video of some affirmations that you can play for yourself for AT LEAST 21 DAYS!! That part is essential. Play these affirmations specifically before bed and upon waking. This is the time when the subconscious is most active. These affirmations WILL program the subconscious to BELIEVE, and then you can get to manifesting whatever you want <3

Ill be in touch with more coursework soon.


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