Soy Candle Collection


From personal morning prayer to wedding celebrations, candles are a staple of so many beloved rituals. Below is my original collection, designed to invoke states of bliss, peace, devotion, and energize with shakti. As the flame consumes the candle, it releases the energy of your intention and desire into the energy of all things. These candles were hand poured and crafted with mantra, prayer, energy, and intention. It is your words, hopes & intent that make any ritual have true meaning. 



Sensual, illusive, sweet, and warm. Encourages intimacy and dissolves emotional barriers.


A desire eliciting herb that uplifts the spirit and invites you to re-establish a connection with your sensual side.


Wild Rose

Soothing to the nerves and mind. Invokes love & desire and helps renew enthusiasm for life.


Incites passion and attracts love. A symbol of awakened and liberated sexuality.




Calms the nervous system. Eases anxiety and irritability. Burn to promote understanding and calmness.


Brings peace, joy, and healing. Washes energetic field, soothes a shattered soul force. Provides balance for those who absorb too much spiritual energy and become burdened. Smooths highly charged emotional states.



Used in divination and dreamwork. Connects with the powers of regeneration, healing, and protection. Induces relaxation.

White Sage

Traditionally used by shamans and during Native American ceremonies for smudging and purification of spaces and auric energy fields. Grounds, cleanses, purifies, protects. Invokes feelings of peace and deepens meditation.


Juniper Berries

Enhances psychic powers, provides spiritual protection, aids in manifestation. Used in temple purification rituals.


Used in ancient Egyptian practice and purifies the space, lifts the vibration and aids with contemplation and meditation. Also used to purify and bless objects.



Burned to create sacred space, clears negative energy, and raises the energy of the space. Associated with Sun energy.

Wild Rose

Soothing to the nerves and mind. Invite divine love and gratitude into your heart with Rose's heart opening essence.



Its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul. Brings spiritual abundance, opens heart center, aids with devotion, and helps us listen to the heart.


Cornflower is known for helping us see the Fae more easily. The flower essence of cornflower encourages us to accept our differences from others and to have self-knowledge. It also protects psychic and other gifts from negative influences and rigidity, and it bolsters healthy individuality.



Invokes powerful shake life force energy. Associated with feminine deities such as Kali and Isis. A symbol of awakened and liberated sexuality.