Pain is POWER


In this life, we all experience pain & trauma. So, the question isn’t whether or not we’ll encounter these personal tragedies & pains- but in how we will choose to process them. Through what lense will we decide to perceive the world? Now, granted- some of us have been through heavier , darker shit than others - and in this case, some sort of professional help and intervention may be needed. When it comes down to it, though- the fact remains the same:

Are you going to let it make you better, stronger, more compassionate, and love filled? Or are you going to let it close you off and turn you bitter, cold, and resentful?

Pain can be turned into POWER through the magic of internal alchemy. Talk to someone that you view as strong and you will soon learn that they became that way through transmuting dark and heavy pain filled energies. 

Durga: Goddess of Strength & Power

Durga: Goddess of Strength & Power

This is why I resonate so deeply with the Tantric path and teachings. Tantra is all about alchemizing heavy energies and making them work in our favor. It’s about maximizing your energy system thereby getting the most out of life.

One of my favorite tools for alchemizing energies is working with the Goddess archetype. Goddess Durga represents feminine strength & power, and her energy has propelled me through periods of pain that were deep and dark. I worked with her by meditating on her, praying to her, chanting her mantras, and ultimately awakening her energy within my own being. Durga came to me in a meditation, before I knew who she was. Sometimes, the energies that are most beneficial for us to work with will visit us in dreams, meditations, or visions. Sometimes they take the form of inspired thought. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving from your subconscious as to how to activate your own healing. Little did I know, there was an immeasurable amount of strength lying dormant within me, waiting to be activated. Durga showed up in my life to point me inward, in the direction of my own power. 

This practice is called "Deity Yoga" and its a way to access the larger archetypal energies. These archetypal energies are the same energies that Carl Jung studied extensively, and can also be explored from a more scientific perspective via his teachings. So, find your way into yourself- through whatever methods resonate as truth to you. Align with your archetype(s) (or Goddesses), heal with them, and get ready for a wild ride of transformation and transmutation.

The moral of the story is- We all know what it’s like to feel pain in our heart. The choice of how you decide to process and perceive that pain you experienced is ultimately yours. I vote that you somehow find a way to let it make you better, stronger, and much more spiritually powerful than before. Dive into it (with a professional if necessary) Find it’s root. Rebuild your life. You are strong, and your strength will inspire others. 

Om Tat Sat.

Lots of Love <3, 


My work with the Goddess archetype as a tool for healing pain and trauma is what inspired the "Goddess Invocation" candle series. Click "Invoke" to learn more. 

Michelle Elizabeth is a student of Tantra, and the founder of Fire and Bloom

Michelle Elizabeth is a student of Tantra, and the founder of Fire and Bloom

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Michelle Tucker