Alchemy is a form of magic that's concerned with transforming the external world by evolving the inner self. It is ultimately the most demanding and the most rewarding form of magic, as it emphasizes principles that all other forms of magic eventually harken back to. The principle means of evolution and transformation in classical alchemy is the mysterium coniunctionis - the mystery of the union of all opposites. 

"Uniting the opposites" is no easy task - it involves recognizing extremes of good and evil, mortal and immortal, spirit and body, masculine and feminine, helplessness and power within oneself - and learning to paradoxically inhabit both poles simultaneously. Inhabiting paradox without seeking easy refuge in one or another side of a polarity - involves an enormous expansion of your personality, to the point that you become more and more aware of how "you" are inhabited by the Divine. 


The ultimate goal of alchemy is wholeness - both within oneself and in one's relationship to the world. 

The Sri Yantra is a visual representation of that forging of opposites. The triangles form in opposite directions, representing union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies or “Shiva/Shakti” as it’s referred to in Hinduism. I meditate on this Yantra daily, as it is tattooed on the inside of my arm. Since getting this tattoo, I’ve slowly begun opening to its magic more and more - seeing & understanding the symbol from higher and higher perspectives.


While a large part of Alchemy magic feels difficult to translate into words , it can be harnessed by anyone. It begins to transform your life the minute you recognize yourself as divine , and truly know yourself to be that on every level. Guidance is received in the form of action steps, deep inner knowings, sacred symbols and guides that beckon you to answer the alchemical call. 

The real challenge is getting to that place of knowing your own divinity , without question. Everyone’s path to that knowing is different. The good knews is there’s divinity in everything , everywhere you look. Your chances of stumbling upon this knowing are high, especially if that is what your soul is seeking. 


Beginning excerpt by Carolyn Elliot of "WITCH" blog.

Michelle Tucker