Transformational Coaching

Are you ready to activate your awakened path and mission? Let’s ignite the highest version of you.

Do you KNOW that you have a greater calling? Are you ready to live a LIBERATED life and truly THRIVE? Are you ready to align your life, expand your perception, and activate your full potential?

Breakthrough Series (3 sessions) 

In this series we will work together for 2 months. Each 1:1 session is 2 hours. There will also be intermediate assignments emailed to you between meets. This is an accelerated series of sessions designed to catalyze BIG shifts that ripple out into every area of your life. This series utilizes NLP techniques, hypnosis, EFT, and Time Techniques to reprogram and shift limiting beliefs and breakthrough to the next level. This program is for you if

  • you prefer a more autonomous coaching program

  • you are looking to shed old versions of self to make space for the higher version of self that is emerging

  • you have some beliefs to clear in order to activate your highest potential

  • you’re looking to focus in on a very specific area (self worth, self acceptance, confidence, etc).

  • you have a deep driving desire to live a more purpose filled life

1:1 Transformational Coaching (6 months- 1 year)

This is tailored 1:1 coaching for daily/ weekly high level access and support. 3 weekly calls each month + 1 breakthrough session every 2 months. We will utilize techniques to transform and reprogram the mind throughout our time together. I will assist you in identifying and activating in your awakened purpose and mission. I will hold space for you to manifest your highest vision and help you BLOOM into the highest version of yourself. This is results oriented transformation coaching- prepare to experience MAJOR and RAPID shifts in every area of life. This is for those that are

  • seeking to identify & activate your life’s purpose and quantum leap to a higher timeline


  • already know your life’s purpose but need help in activating that higher timeline


Ignite the highest version of yourself

Commit to and invest in the process of your own transformation

Embody your authenticity & activate alignment in all areas of your life

Experience more abundance in your life, increase your income, and truly THRIVE

Receive support in taking strategic action to achieve your goals

The Bloom Code: Group Coaching  (4 months)

This is a group coaching program launching at the end of 2019. It includes bi-weekly group zoom calls, tailored coaching for reprogramming your subconscious for confidence, wealth, and success. There are also weekly assignments posted within the group. Expect to experience rapid change and transformation and support in activating the highest version of you. (SIGN UPS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW)

Lets bloom!


“Contemplate the flowers and learn from them how to live.”
~Eckhart Tolle from A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose @eckharttolle

2/2019: Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for Monday’s session and for all of the candles. I already feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. I am feeling more active, optimistic, and energized. I have been praising you to my friends. One of them who lives in DC really wants to book a session with you. If you’re OK with it, I’m going to send her your email address so she can get in touch with you. - S.S, Washington, DC
3/2019” Thank you so much for the breakthrough coaching session. Definitely right away felt a shift in my perspective and feeling. I have not been able to tap into that “wealthy” or “happy” emotion for weeks. I was going through that “Tower” (Tarot card) moment, everything seemed to fall apart. And what was wild is that about only 10 minutes after we finished the session, I saw my self in the mirror and saw a whole different person standing and looking back!! That was AMAZING. Immediately my psyche changed and my body accepted new programming. One of wealth, health, and happiness and world of joyous possibility. I literally saw a new me. I felt so much hope that I haven’t been able to feel in quite some time. And that feeling continues to remain with me through out the days, no matter what I’m facing. So LITERALLY I had a breakthrough and set myself free. Thank you so much. I know things are going to keep getting better and better now. Y.O- Virginia