Breakthrough Coaching

Are you ready to step into your power and awaken your greatest potential? Are you ready to finally break out of old and worn out cycles? Are you ready to shape shift and transform your life and mindset? Are you ready to finally break through whatever has been holding you back from living the life you truly want to be living & reclaim your life?

The universe has your back, and so do I.

I can support you and activate you in this transition.

Together we can catalyze MASSIVE breakthroughs.

Big happy changes are on the way.

After our initial phone call, I will curate an introductory session and/or coaching package for you. During our session(s) we may do any of the following:

  • Discuss the power of the subconscious

  • Learn techniques to reprogram the subconscious

  • Identify limiting subconscious beliefs

  • Create affirmations to release limiting beliefs

  • Engage in emotional time techniques to release significant emotional events

  • Cut energetic chords

  • Identify values

  • Learn creative visualization techniques to manifest anything you want

  • Set goals in the language of the subconscious to achieve anything you want

  • Binaural Repatterining Sound Therapy (Utilizing Theta frequency)

  • Subconscious communication via tarot / oracle or divination tools

  • Hypnosis for Wealth Building

  • Hypnosis for Confidence

Ready to experience a massive breakthrough?

Let’s schedule a call!


Introductory Breakthrough session: $150- During this session we will discuss the power of the subconscious and introduce techniques for reprogramming the mind. Available in person if you live in the Washington, DC area. Otherwise, we can schedule a virtual session on Zoom. Please book a 15 minute discovery call first. *This session is designed to introduce you to subconscious reprogramming tools and techniques. You will experience massive shifts in your mindset and belief system. **Bring a friend and receive this session for $100 each ($200 total)

The Breakthrough Series: $555- This is for those that want to continue this work and go deep into their subconscious. We will work to reprogram the mind through a series of sessions. This series includes active subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis for wealth & confidence building, binaural repatterning sound healing, additional manifestation techniques and visualization practices. This series is spread out via 3 sessions and includes “take home” assignments to be completed in between sessions. This series is designed to produce RESULTS and to be completed within 6 weeks. **YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH(S)! Please book a 15 minute discovery call first.

Breakthrough & Transformational Coaching: $1111- This is for those that want to go deep into their subconscious and work to reprogram it through a series of sessions and one on one phone coaching + consistent interaction. Together we will hold the vision of what it is that you are creating for your life, and manifest it into your reality. Please book a 15 minute discovery call first.

2/2019: Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for Monday’s session and for all of the candles. I already feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. I am feeling more active, optimistic, and energized. I have been praising you to my friends. One of them who lives in DC really wants to book a session with you. If you’re OK with it, I’m going to send her your email address so she can get in touch with you. - S.S, Washington, DC
3/2019” Thank you so much for the breakthrough coaching session. Definitely right away felt a shift in my perspective and feeling. I have not been able to tap into that “wealthy” or “happy” emotion for weeks. I was going through that “Tower” (Tarot card) moment, everything seemed to fall apart. And what was wild is that about only 10 minutes after we finished the session, I saw my self in the mirror and saw a whole different person standing and looking back!! That was AMAZING. Immediately my psyche changed and my body accepted new programming. One of wealth, health, and happiness and world of joyous possibility. I literally saw a new me. I felt so much hope that I haven’t been able to feel in quite some time. And that feeling continues to remain with me through out the days, no matter what I’m facing. So LITERALLY I had a breakthrough and set myself free. Thank you so much. I know things are going to keep getting better and better now. Y.O- Virginia