Results are from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild

“Big Bold Vision” You were not born to play a small role in life. You have the ability to dream big. Even if you have absolutely no idea about how your visions can come to pass or what all the details may look like, you can access the heart and guts of a vision by tapping into your wildest dreams and surrendering attachment to exactly how it will all work out. The details are up to the creative genius of the universe. You are an active, contributing participant but not the sole player in your life journey.

There is something- a vision or an idea- that is coming to you. You may worry that it is too much for you. But, don’t worry. It is meant to be yours. Although you might have some adjustments to make and some tweaking to do as you let go of your limited thinking and open up to a fearless acceptance of bigger, brighter, more radical and more potent possibilities of creatively living your light in the world.

A sign that you are cracking out of your limited thinking, to allow for a big bold vision to come to you, is that you might feel a little dizzy with the shrinking limitations and expanding possibilities of life. You may wonder if you are allowed to access so much wonder. Remember that in your healing and growing success as you manifest this big vision, you can touch the hearts of others through your presence, your inner work, your art and your choices. It is a win win situation. Those that are meant to live big, bold and visionary lives need to give themselves permission to break the mould and forge newer, more expansive perspectives of what is possible, what is permitted and what is of service. It’s about letting go and opening up. Others will benefit from this. Even though it is your vision, it is not just about you.

You are being asked to remember that when something is right for you, endless synchronicities and support will flow your way, at the right time and in the right way. Stay open, receptive, playful, and surrendered.

This oracle brings you a message. You are about receive or be invited to become a part of, a grand visionary beginning. It has the makings of something fantastic. No matter how the journey that brings this vision into reality unfolds- and there will be some twists and turns that you don’t see coming- it is still helpful for you to be open to it. Trust your heart, be still with your choices and when the time feels right and truthful, leap!

This oracle brings a message for those who would like to further develop their intuitive sight. It is already happening. Trust in what you perceive. Even if it conflicts with what everyone else around you is saying or the surface of things, trust your inner perceptions. They are accurate and will be proven to be so later on. The healing process below will help you with this also.

This oracle brings a general message of positive energy. Trust that things will be coming up roses for you. Even if everything seems to be in a bit of shambles now, its really just the essential mess before a truly spectacular success.

Healing Process

Say, “I release all blocks to my vision. I release all beliefs- conscious or unconscious- stored in my body or mind that would have me belittle or minimize myself out of fear or ignorance. I choose to be bold, big and bright, to vision with my heart and receive all the genius of the universe in supporting that vision in coming to life. So be it.”

You have completed your healing process. Repeat again whenever you feel yourself in awe of what seems to be coming through you as a vision for the future!