I don’t even know what I want…

You’re on the way to figuring it out. Have no fear. Here’s what I want you to do. Close your eyes, take a deep breath- and recall a good feeling memory. It’s not even about the memory, but moreso the feeling that memory invokes. I want you to feel the feeling of warmth, or joy- whatever gets you into your happy place. The universe responds to us based on the FEELINGS we are emitting. This is whats known as the law of attraction. The most important work that you can do for yourself is get yourself into a GOOD FEELING place as often as possible. By moving into a state of feeling good, the universe will begin responding- and sending you new inspired ideas, new opportunities, and new connections.

Your assignment is to pay attention to your emotions. Do things that make you feel good. Also, listen to this Abraham Hicks video below.

Ill be in touch with more coursework soon!


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Michelle Elizabeth