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Step into your power.

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They say it’s always darkest before the dawn.

And that it’s always cloudiest right before your biggest BREAKTHROUGH.

But here’s the part you might not have heard before,

are you ready?


You must learn when to move and learn when to listen.


What does that mean?


Well, our first reaction when we’re stuck is usually to move. In order to get unstuck we have to take action, right? Not exactly.


Sometimes action can take us even further into a difficult direction. Sometimes, at the most pivotal moments of our lives- stillness is essential.


Sometimes we must open ourselves to receive.


Receptivity isn’t just linked to our ability to accept things from others.

It’s not just linked to our ability to receive compliments, gifts, money, or help.


Receptivity is our ability to listen

To ourselves.

To the universe.

Our guides.

Our intuition.




I spent almost three years dreaming up my candle business. I launched with a contract via a very popular subscription box, and spent an entire summer crafting 7,000 candles. Business boomed, and then slowly started to decline. I was expanding and showing up for my community, but I wasn't seeing much of an increase in revenue. I wasn't making the impact that I wanted to make and I wondered where I was going wrong.


I wondered if I was ever going to “make it”.


I continued setting appointments with buyers only to be disappointed by their demand for higher quantities and lower costs.

I was starting to see that in order to meet the market demands and grow to the point of profit via my candle business that I was going to have to compromise the entire vision and purpose of my brand to begin with. You see, I pour energy, mantra, and prayer into EVERY candle that I make. I hand craft them with care and each flower petal is placed with INTENTION. I wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice.


So, what happened next?


I tossed and I turned.

Was everything I had worked toward going to have to come crashing down AGAIN?


Was I going to experience yet another “tower” moment?


What do I mean by “tower moment”? In the tarot, the Tower is the archetypal energy of destruction and chaos via the breaking down of faulty structures. I was caught in this cycle of creating moments where everything came crashing down around me.


Does this sound familiar?

Are you stuck? Are you struggling financially? Are you having trouble seeing your next step? Do you create chaos in your external world that becomes so loud your internal guidance is forced to SCREAM?


I cried. I fussed. I got still.

I began to see a way out.

I began to examine what it was that I was REALLY doing.

I wasn’t in the candle business.

I was in the business of spiritual development & empowerment.

I was in the business of helping you find and cultivate your own inner magic.


And so, I began to receive the insight to activate myself as a spiritual development & empowerment guide.

So that I can help you out of these stuck spaces

To gain insight into how to help you align with your highest path.


To achieve that BREAKTHROUGH you are seeking to manifest your best possible life.


And guess what? I didn’t even have to give up my candle business. I just had to modify my approach. I had to gain the clarity to see that it wasn’t supposed to be my main focus.


Are you an entrepreneur that's already gotten started and reached a turning point? Or maybe you just have an inspired idea and haven't gotten started yet? Perhaps you're rocking it in the corporate world and going through a process of activation through spiritual development. No matter what your circumstance is..

I can help you achieve that BREAKTHROUGH and help you get unstuck.


Step into your power.