This candle was designed to aid you in your manifestation process. Begin this ritual with an unlit candle. We will light it after the first exercise.

Before you begin this manifestation ritual, make sure that your physical space is clean. This work is best performed in a tidy space. Also, please clear your space energetically using your favorite tool(s) (sage bundle, palo santo, selenite, copal, rose water, etc).


You will need a pen and paper to begin.

This is an intuitive practice. Whatever pours forth is perfect. Begin your statement with the following (or craft one that feels aligned with your own voice).


As the desires of your heart pour forth, continue writing as many statements as you would like.

*Write out whatever comes flooding forward as you begin this practice. See what is asking to come forward and manifest through you. *Craft statements in the positive (don’t say I am NOT).

*Some people find it easier to speak their desires aloud rather than write. If this is the case, begin a voice recording, start talking, and see what comes out. Afterward, write down what you’ve said out loud.


With this statement you may light the flame. Every time you light this candle, make the statement- “My heart felt desires are flowing to me quickly and easily now- for the highest good of all, so be it.” Do not blow this candle out, but rather snuff it out (with the lid) to contain the magic.


The subconscious does not know the difference between now, later, future, past, forward, backward. If you can- turn it into a journal entry describing your perfect day (or your perfect month, year, etc). For example: Maybe you are writing a journal entry on 12-31-2020 reflecting back on the year. Maybe you are writing about a specific day- July 19, 2019 when you finally hit 10K a month in your business. Whatever the case may be- read your journal entry aloud to yourself.

Next, we will visualize with the minds eye.


*Make sure you dissociate from the visualization at some point and actually SEE YOURSELF doing what it is that you are desiring. (Example: if you are driving a new car, put a clone of yourself in the passenger seat of that car, look over and watch yourself driving). Dissociating during this visualization is an important step in communicating with the subconscious.

Most importantly and above all else, believe that what you desire is already yours, babe.

Happy manifesting.


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