This candle was designed to aid you in your protection ritual. Before lighting this candle, please listen to the audio below

Learn how to protect your energy by forming a golden pyramid of pure protected psychic light by listening to this Protection Ritual


As you light the flame of this candle, repeat the affirmations on the card that came with your candle. State aloud: “With this purifying & passionate flame, with the clean breath of air, and with the grounding energy of earth, I cleanse this space.”

Then, light the flame of this candle.


BONUS TRAINING: Casting a protected circle for ritual, meditation, and or magical work

What is magical circle, exactly?

And why do you need to cast one?

And how do you cast one?

A magical circle is an energetic construct that you build or envision around yourself before working magic, doing a ritual, or sometimes even meditating. For a single practitioner, it’s usually around 5 or 6 feet in diameter, but the size expands based on the size of a group.

Sometimes, the circle is defined by something in the physical world, such as a ring of candles or scarves, or perhaps just symbolic items at the four cardinal points. Other times, it’s defined simply on the energetic plane.

This serves two main purposes.

First, a magical circle provides protection. You cast it with the intention that only positive and beneficent energies may enter or dwell within. This way, when you open yourself up to the energetic realm, you need not worry about picking up any energies or currents that are not for your truest good.

Second, a magical circle serves as a container for your personal energy as well as the energy you conjure. Your power as a magical practitioner is clarified and magnified by the circle, sort of like a megaphone, or putting a cell phone in a glass to amplify its speaker.

Invocation to open a circle of protection:

“I call upon the energies of the East, hail to the East. Spirits & spirit keepers of the East. Beloved energies of the East.

Place of the rising sun, birth & rebirth, the winds that bring new beginnings, the winds that bring about clarity, the breath of life, the place of enlightenment and illumination, new day, new cycle of open horizons, the mental realms, the place of being mindful, the place where dreams take action.

I call upon Archangel Raphael, Guardian of the Air. I call upon the winged ones, the great eagle, and the hawk, the condor & the vulture, teach us to fly wing to wing with Great Spirit. We call upon the wisdom of the great owl. We call forth the fairy & devic realms, dragons, and dragonflies. Teach us to see through illusion.

I call upon Kuan Yin, bring me compassion to guide & heal.

Spirit keepers of the East, I welcome your presence into this circle. I am grateful for your blessings and assistance. Hail energies of the East.

I call upon the energies of the South, Hail to the South. Spirits & spirit keepers of the South. Beloved energies of the South.

Place of the noon day sun, the spiritual realm, the place of passion, creation & inspiration, the trust and innocence of the child, the spark of life, the fire within.

I call upon Archangel Michael- guardian of the South

Share with us your courage and protection. I call upon the guardians of fire. Hail spirit keepers of the South.

I call forth St. Germain and the violet flame to assist us in change. I call the lion, the puma, Isis & Sekhmet, who fiercely protects those whom she loves.

I call forth the Great serpent, teach us to shed the past as easily as you shed your skin. Teach us transformation.

Spirit Keepers- energies of the South, join me assist me this day. Be here now.

I call upon the energies of the West. Hail to the West. Spirits and spirit keepers of the West. Beloved energies of the West.

Place of the setting sun, the emotional realm, the place of reflection & introspection, the place of endings, of death that is not an ending but a transition to a new beginning. The direction of hidden mysteries, the energy of Autumns bountiful harvest, the evening star, place of change.

We call upon Archangel Sandalphon, guardian of the West. I call forth Magdalene that I might know alchemy, kindness and mercy. I call upon the great bear, mother jaguar, the dolphins and the whales and the playfulness of the otters and seals.

Spirit keepers- energies of the West, join us, assist me on this day. Be here now.

I call upon the energies of the North. Hail to the North. Spirits and spirit keepers of the North. Beloved energies of the North.

The place of wisdom, knowledge, discernment.

The place of grandmothers, grandfathers, the ancestors, and the ancient ones.

The place of abundance, prosperity, sustenance, grounding, and physical manifestation. The. physical realm, the place of rejuvenation, rest, peaceful slumber, stillness, inner wisdom, North Star & the place of mystery, the place where dreams begin.

We invite the energies of the owl, hummingbird, wolf, horse, buffalo, and bill.

White buffalo woman with her strength & transformation of life.

We call forth Archangel Uriel guardian of the North, we call upon the Goddess Isis and her aspects of the warrior, the sage, the mothers, the teacher, and the healer Athena for her love.

Spirit keepers- energies of the North join me, assist us this day.

I call upon the energies of ether.

Father sky, star nations, Eloheim, Celestial hosts, Archangels, the angelic realm, divine consciousness, sky beings, multidimensional light beings, spirit guides & our ancestors for their wisdom and watchful guidance over our life path.

We invite nuit, whose body holds the stars, nu kuala the dragon tailed goddess, who. is the restorer of cosmic equilibrium, the repairer and organizer of the universe

Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names.

Spirit keepers- energies of the above join us, assist us on this day. Be here now.

I call upon the energies of the underworld.

Sacred Mother Earth, Beloved Gaia, sacred core, the shadow self, depths of the underworld.

We call upon the energies of the elements, the stones and crystals, the plants and trees and all that walk, crawl, fly, and swim and all that be of and on the Earth.

Spirit keepers- energies of the underworld and the Earth, join us on this day.

I call upon the energies of the sacred center.

The place of balance, sacred union, the within and without, oneness, divine feminine, and divine masculine. God/Goddess , Isis/Osiris, Shiva/Shakti, Magdalene/Christ, Yin/Yang, Spider woman who weaves the web and mends the broken threads of life. The place of timelessness and transformation. The place of the void from which all things are born and to whom all things return.

Spirit keepers- energies of the sacred center. Be here now.

The directions are called, the circle is cast, and we are now in sacred space.”

CLOSE THE CIRCLE: We give thanks to the energies of the sacred center for sharing your divine blessings today. I release you. You are free to go. We give thanks to the energies of Above and Below for sharing your divine blessings today. You are free to go. We give thanks to the energies of the North, West, South, and East. You are free to go.

xoxoMichelle Elizabeth

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