Invoke: Isis

Invoke: Isis


7 day prayer candle in a glass container. Burn time averages 144-168 hours. 


Isis is powerful in the ways of magic, having the ability to destroy and create life with mere words. She not only knows the words which need to be spoken

to cause certain things to occur, she is also able to use exact pronunciation and emphasis in order for the desired effect to occur. Isis has shown magical talent beyond the other Gods. The sex priests and priestesses of ancient times, from the Egyptian order of the Isis lineage who engaged in sacred sex were signified by wearing a snake amulet. By way of the Kundalini or the serpent, alchemical fires of transmutation ground them entirely allowing the spirit to live more fully in the body. Call upon Isis to help uncover your greatest strengths. She is a great queen, noble and dignified, intelligent, capable- a teacher for her people. She has power and compassion in equal amounts. She is the Lady of Sacred Magic & embodies the Divine Mother as fertility, nurturing, magic, inner wisdom, wisdom of speech, and inner knowing. Invocation: The principal method of working magic in the House of Isis, whether for spiritual or practical purposes, is sacred ritual. (Refer to the book ‘Isis Magic’ by M. Isidora Forrest for rituals). When ready, begin to chant the mantra Isis, elongating the sounds (iiiiiisss….iiiiiiiissss) taking a breath between each syllable. The “I”is pronounced as “ee”as in“teeth”and the s is pronounced as a hiss.

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