Invoke: Lakshmi

Invoke: Lakshmi


7 day prayer candle. Burn time averages 144-168 hours. 


Beautiful, beloved Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, beauty, happiness, and abundant good fortune. Lakshmi is best known as a Goddess of wealth and well being, she also maintains a strong esoteric presence, expressing herself as Siddhi, the magnificent Tantric Goddess of spiritual power, and as Kundalini Shakti, the transformative cosmic force that exists within each individual. These identities express the “prosperity consciousness” that is the essential nature of the Goddess and the divine source of all wealth. Invoking Lakshmi is not only a matter of calling upon the external form of the Goddess but also of aligning one’s consciousness with the very essence of prosperity.

Lakshmi exists in a dimension far beyond our human struggles and sadness. From where she sits on her Sacred Lotus, she can guide us to greater fortune, deeper love relationships, and more joy. Because she is also considered a Great Mother Devi she can guide us from darkness, into the light. In fact, if you allow Lakshmi to be present in your life, she will elevate you to a higher state of being and living…and in that state you will begin to see that you can create anything!!

Call on Lakshmi for spiritual, emotional,  & financial abundance, finding creative solutions, increasing your manifestation power, all things related to beauty & attraction, discovering the perfect career, finding the love of your life. Invocation: Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha (108x, 40 days)

*Candles have also recently been updated and are now adorned with rhinestones :)*

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