Invoke: Mary Magdalene

Invoke: Mary Magdalene


7 day prayer candle in a glass container. Burn time averages 144-168 hours.

Mary Magdalene:

Mary M. is the Tantric lover of Yeshua (Jesus) and an archetype of sacred sexuality. She is an overlighting healing presence for women’s sexuality for the fallen woman: the woman who has been shamed or cast out as a result of infidelity, prostitution, wedlock, or sexuality. She also carries within her financial empowerment codes and wisdom for women serving the sacred. Mary is a powerful teacher and a profound conduit of wisdom. She is the embodiment of the beloved’s beloved. She is associated with sacred partnership and helps us alchemize sexual energy with our partner to uplift humanity. She assists us in the liberation of our feminine expression. Mary initiated women into the path of the sacred sexual priestess- a path that honors the sacred and the ecstatic life force of the body (Kundalini Shakti- the feminine force of God). This was a sacred order of women that carried this wisdom in secret into the Middle Ages, when it went underground. Call on Mary to heal core wounds related to sexuality, finances, and disempowerment. She is also known for aiding with past life trauma, & healing through the hands. Call on her for assistance with Reiki or any touch related healing practice. Call on her for help with embodying your power and wisdom as a spiritual teacher, change agent, spiritual leader, or woman entrepreneur. Invocation: Mary Magdalene speaks to us through our heart, during meditation. (YouTube: I AM Mary Magdalene Meditation)

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