Protect Candle + Black Obsidian

Protect Candle + Black Obsidian


The Fire and Bloom luxury intention candle collection is hand poured and imbued with a Reiki activated crystal. Each Fire and Bloom candle is hand crafted with all natural soy wax, prayer, magic, and intention. Each luxury candle is empowered, and arrives with an affirmation card and access to a ritual created by Michelle to invoke the intended energies.

Protection candle was created to invoke the energy of protection. Proper energetic protection allows us to maintain the health of our physical, auric, and mental body. This candle protects from psychic attack, negative mental energies & emotions, self doubt, and fear. It also allows for proper formation of energetic boundaries. May you feel safe and protected. It is my wish that as you light this candle, all fear & negative energies are immediately eliminated from your physical, mental, and auric space. May this elimination create more space for love to radiate through your words, actions, and being. This candle has an Earthy and warming aroma- coriander, tonka, anise, cardamom.

This candle arrives with:

10 oz hand poured protection candle + small Black Obsidian stone (imbued in wax) + affirmation card + ritual access

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